I've seen a lot of questions online in the Ford forums about how to change the rear wiper blades on a Ford Edge. Here is a short video showing how to do this. Of course, we would recommend and apprecite if you purchase the proper Trico Exact Fit blades from us using this link;

Trico Wipers; find the exact fit for your car by using the online Application Guide here.

For a Ford Edge, you need;

Blade Class Driver Passenger Rear
ExactFit T261






Use this link to the Trico wiper order page. The part numbers above are the Exact Fit, but they also carry the new "frameless" blades as well.

That is a total of $67.70 for all three wipers. You can easily change them your self in about 5 minutes, by following the directions in the attached video. I'm not sure what the Ford Dealer charges, but I am guessing it is more than that.