AMSOIL Synthetic Oil - BMW

BMW owners are used to paying up to $300.00 for an oil change. As we've shown on our "Save Money" page, switching to synthetic oil can save money, as well as provide the benefits of using a good synthetic. Easier engine starts, increased fuel economy, cooler temperatures, and only 1 or 2 oil changes per year.

BMW's typically hold more oil than American cars also. Many BMW models hold over 6 quarts. This is generally better, as it means there is more oil to cool the engine, as well as dilute contaminants. So, large oil sumps are good. However, this adds to the cost of the oil change.

The second item that adds to the cost of the oil change is the filter. Many BMW filter sources charge $6.00 to $12.00 online. I have seen dealerships change $16.00 for a MANN filter. These can be ordered online from AMSOIL for somewhere in the $6.00 range.

Supplies needed for BMW oil change on 2004 BMW 325i 2.5L 6-cyl Engine Code M54 B25
; Engine, with filter, 6.9 quarts.
Recommended Amsoil Synthetic Oil, with recommended drain intervals;

         Signature Series 0W-30 100% Synthetic Motor Oil (SSOQT) (35,000 miles/1 year)
         SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil (ASLQT) (25,000 miles/1 year)

Amsoil MANN Oil Filter; MANN Oil Filter (HU9254x)

Total cost; 1 filter, 7 quarts of SSO is $80.30, retail, without shipping or tax. Remember, you can save another 15% - 25% by becoming a Preferred Customer. Using the Signature Series oil, you can run this combination 1 year or 35,000 miles under normal conditions.

You can also log into Amsoil's new "My Garage" feature, enter your car information, and it will look up and save all products related to your BMW 325. It also shows fluid capacities. Click Here to enter My Garage When first creating your login, use 313120 as your reference number.

To request a catalog to review and order products; Free Catalog, or call if you are ready to order, call 1-800-956-5695 and mention referral number 313120


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For those who think it's nuts to run an engine for a year between oil changes, here are a few things to consider;

Here are some great instructions on changing oil in a BMW, with the oil filters that are not "spin off" type filters. This individual uses an oil "evacuator" to suck the oil out the dipstick tube, which doesn't require draining the oil from the pan using  the drain plug. I use this approach on motorcycles, but not on cars as I have a large auto floor jack. So, if you read this don't think you need to buy the oil evacuator, just drain the oil from the drain plug at that step. Great pictures, though. It also has good pictures of the BMW style oil filters.