AMSOIL Synthetic Oil

These product links direct you to the proper page on the AMSOIL synthetic oil corporate web site. You can order directly from there.

  1. AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil- General synthetics for most normal uses.
  2. AMSOIL Synthetic Racing Oil - High performance synthetics; have a Roush, Porsche, or 'Vette?
  3. AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oil - Big trucks, and pickups. This is what I ran in my "big stinky" (F350 4 door, no duals)
  4.  AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil - This is one of my favorite topics; Harley Davidson was one of the last manufacturers to admit that synthetics are quality products. See separate HD page. I have 2 HD's and ride regularly. I'm an aggressive rider; been to Deal's Gap and Pig Trail, Sturgis, etc. 
  5. Amsoil-Cycle Oil- This is where it all started, in my opinion. Snowmobiles way up north; North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota. The 2-stroke oil didn't smoke, mixed at thinner ratios, and worked extremely well in extreme cold. Doesn't smoke either.
  6. Amsoil 4-Stroke Oil - Synthetic AMSOIL for the increasingly popular 4 stroke recreational vehicles; ATV's and personal watercraft.
  7. Amsoil synthetic gear Lubricants - This is a good introduction to synthetics; growing up in ND, with -30 in the winter, petroleum gear oils aren't really oil anymore.
  8. Amsoil synthetic racing Gear Lubricants - For those who aren't in it just for work, but for fun...
  9. Amsoil synthetic Hydraulic Oil - For hydraulic applications; my experience is that in cold weather, synthetics stay liquid.
  10. Amsoil synthetic Brake Fluid - Just spent $1,500 converting your Corvette brake lines to stainless and you're going to put ordinary brake fluid in the system? That's crazy!
  11. Amsoil power Steering Fluid - Steering is something you would trust to $1.19/pint power steering fluid, right? If not, check out the quality product.
  12. Amsoil suspension Fluid - AMSOIL has a great presence in the motocross and snow cross fields, where this product is used.
  13. Amsoil synthetic Compressor Oil - This is one area where the synthetics are way, way better then petroleum oils for intensive, extreme compressor use.
  14. Amsoil synthetic Grease - Don't forget the grease! I especially like the food grade grease; you can eat it. This is a good example of the diverse product line AMSOIL offers. We actually have a synthetic grease certified for use on food handling and pharmaceutical manufacturing lines.
  15. Amsoil fuel additives - Clean injectors, carburetors, and keep fuel from "going bad". Diesel or gas. Increase fuel mileage.
  16. Amsoil cleaners and Degreasers - Need I say more?
  17. Amsoil protectants - Keep the rust away.
  18. Amsoil antifreeze - Your cat can drink it and it won't die. Hey, we like kittens. How cool is that. We're here to save your pets. Plus, you can throw the drained fluid in the front yard and it won't hurt anything. Show me a tree to hug, please.
  19. Amsoil Ea and MANN oil Filters - AMSOIL filters work better, and along with the durability of synthetic oil, this becomes a critical part of the equation.
  20. Amsoil air Filters and Injen air intake systems - Keep the dirt from ever getting IN the engine in the first place.
  21. Amsoil power sports Filters - for those who have spare time to spend on recreational vehicles.
  22. Trico wiper Blades from Amsoil - High quality wiper blades. Being able to see when it's raining is a GOOD thing, right?
  23. NGK spark Plug and wire sets - after all this, don't stop now.
  24. Thank you very much.


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