AMSOIL Synthetic Oil

AMSOIL is the original synthetic engine oil company.

Amsoil has some great specials for a quick lube, or fast lube oil change operation.

XL Motor Oil provides exceptional protection for the AMSOIL 7,500-mile/6-month Oil Change Program.

• Earn more money on two oil changes than you do on five.

• Provide your customers with cost savings and more convenience.

• Extended drains become a profitable opportunity, not an obstacle.

• Reduce waste oil

Free Offer;

7,500-Mile Oil Change sales tools are yours FREE when you open an AMSOIL account with an initial qualifying purchase of five or more cases of quarts or four cases of gallons of AMSOIL XL Motor Oil. You’ll receive:

  • “7,500-Mile Oil Change” Banner

  • 25 brochures for waiting area

  • P-O-P lit display
  • 27 “7,500-Mile Oil Change” Window Stickers


For a link to the offer, click here.

Use this link to view the online brochure "Boost Profits with Amsoil". This online 6 page brochure is created for quick change oil change shops.


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